Information Technology (IT)




IT 1 Data Management, Manipulation and Analysis using Excel® 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 3 Data Management, Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting using Excel® 5 DAYS AMMAN
IT 5 Maintenance Scheduling Using Big Data, IT and Agent Based Simulation 5 DAYS ISTANBUL
IT 7 IT Strategy & Architecture Principles and Practices 5 DAYS JEDDAH
IT 9 Systems Analysis (SA) 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 11 Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) 5 DAYS ISTANBUL
IT 13 Business Continuity Management & IT Disaster Recovery 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 15 Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems 5 DAYS ISTANBUL
IT 17 Geostatistics – Using Software for Geospatial Analysis 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 19 IT Project Management 5 DAYS ISTANBUL
IT 21 Systems Analysis (SA) 5 DAYS AMMAN
IT 23 Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making 5 DAYS AMMAN
IT 25 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Architecture 5 DAYS JEDDAH
IT 27 Field Production Optimizationusing Agent Based Simulation 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 29 Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Applications for Institutional Excellence 5 DAYS ISTANBUL
IT 31 IT Demand Management in the Modern Environment 5 DAYS BEIRUT
IT 33 Refinery System Process Analysis and Testing Using Agent Based Simulation 5 DAYS ISTANBUL
IT 35 The Complete Course on Cloud Management and IT Security 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 37 Quality Assurance and Control 5 DAYS DUBAI
IT 39 Information Security Management 5 DAYS LONDON
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