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Abar Solutions Petroleum Consultancy Ltd. was formed in 2003 to play a strategic role in providing assertive engineering consultancy services and modern solutions to all upstream oil and gas industry , We are the undisputed leader in delivering largest selection of training courses , which offers an opportunity to bring professionals up to a proficient level of knowledge in a minimum period of time , Abar is recognized for the provision of products , training , engineering consultancy and research services and is called on by many organizations to provide the eminence and professional training and advise that are required by the industry , We are known for our reliability , service and quality and are dedicated to satisfy the ever-changing needs and requirements of the oil and gas sectors

Abar Solutions has been conducting training programmes for over 10 years in the Gulf Region , We deliver innovative & exceptional solutions through our self-motivated and multi-talented people by arranging over 700 seminars yearly in several subject areas , which are beneficial to the Management & Oil and Gas Industry and to the Energy sector , Abar Solutions have been providing exceptionally bravura in-house training and development training courses , Abar Solutions provide seminars in UK through the Aberdeen office of Blue Square and various offshore and onshore companies based in the North Sea Region

Abar Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of quality products and equipment that are proficient and effective in handling of all types of spill clean up and controlling prospective pollution by reducing , if not entirely but by preventing emissions of pollution

Our products have been designed to solve the most negligible as well as complex problems , which help us to achieve our goal to meet the dynamic environmental requirements of the industry , We will continue to support initiatives , which will bring about the control of pollution and help to reduce the effects of oil pollution

Abar Solutions products and equipment are divided in five categories : Oil Pollution Recovery Systems , Oil Pollution Containment Products , Oil Pollution Spill Response , Oil Pollution Bio-Treatment and Cleaning Chemicals , Oil Pollution Sludge Control , Our clients are world wide passed and are well recognized companies

In addition to all the products and equipment that we supply we also have colossal suppliers for a wide range or products and equipment worldwide

Abar Solutions provide a wide range of engineering consultancy services to clients in the petroleum and environmental sectors , We are specialists in detailed engineering that has been developed through the delivery of services to major challenging engineering projects across the world both onshore and offshore environments , The provision of our services is “all about solutions and value” , and applying the best engineering practice combined with the most appropriate technology and relevant experience to deliver value enhancement to all activities related to the exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves , We take pride in being able to offer our clients a high-quality and often unique combination of advanced skills and practical experiences

We provide assistance and support in the following areas like Oil Pollution Environmental Control , Tank Construction , Pipeline Engineering and Construction , Production and Processing Facilities , Design and Engineering , Integrate Reservoir Study and Management , Field Development Plant , Conceptual and Detailed Design , Production Optimization , Sand Production Control and Management , Well Integrity Assurance , Field and Well Data Validation and Quality

Our engineering services offer a diverse range of specialised skills which are utillised by major Exploration and Production Companies across the world , Today , with a network of multi-disciplinary oilfield consultants throughout the world we are recognized as setting the standard in the provision of excellence in engineering , consulting and training services

Abar undertake technical feasibility and operational studies and provide technical support covering all aspects of the Oil and Gas industry , Whether planning a new project , developing design concepts for modification or de-bottlenecking an existing oil and gas production facility , our engineers evaluate options , optimize designs and direct the project effort towards proven cost effective solutions

Abar Solutions is committed to its staff and their professional development , and in return , their dedication and loyalty have carried the company to greater achievement

At Abar , we deliver the best equipment , service and value to our clientele , As our organization continues to grow , we look forward to a continued productive and esteemed relation with our clients and partners

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